We get into some pretty random conversations at the radio station, most of them not even close to being politically correct. So what do you do when you're bored during the Summer in Shreveport/Bossier City? We've got some not-so-serious ideas for you.

FYI - we're not responsible if you're actually silly enough to do any of these!

1. Try driving from the Harrah's Louisiana Downs exit of I-20 all the way to the Pines Road exit without being cut off by someone who insists on going 5-15 mph under the speed limit. Conversely, try to make the same drive without some jack-hole blowing past you going 90...

2. Go to any local retailer (we recommend one of the area superstores *ahem*), buy some chocolate, go into the bathroom and then melt said chocolate under one of the hand-dryers. Then rub the chocolate all over your hands and walk out. Tell every employee you see that they're out of toilet paper.

3. Go to Deja-Vu, Cindi's or anywhere else they sell lingerie. Wander aimlessly until an employee asks if you need help and say “I’m new to this whole being a woman thing... what type of thong can I wear that won’t rip the stitches?”

4. Play tag with random people. The Louisiana Boardwalk might be fun. But don't tell them what you're doing.

5. Try finding a place that serves 'Green Goddess' - sober

6. Go to JuJu Road at night for the express purpose of scaring other people.

7. Go to any one of the local casinos. Use the ATM and when the money comes out, scream "I Won! I Won!"

8. Go to any street corner in the city. Bring Mardi Gras beads. You'll be amazed what people will do for them in broad daylight.

9. Follow all of those cryptic movie signs all over town, then act surprised when you bust up on set. Tell them you thought the directions were for a scavenger hunt of some sort.

10. Go to the Norton Art Gallery to take pictures. Tell them you're a professional photographer. We're sure they'd love to chat.

Clearly, we've cleaned these up quite a bit, if we hadn't, we'd be telling you to go to Sci-Port to ask if they'll teach you how to make meth, but that's just over the line, isn't it?