A mom in Bakersfield, CA punished her 11-year-old daughter by having her stand on a busy street corner holding an apology sign for two hours. Her offense: twerking at a school dance.

Frances Hena made her daughter, Jamie hold a sign which read, "I Was Disrespecting My Parents by Twerking at a School Dance."

"Every parenting is different. I mean, what am I supposed to do?" said Mrs. Hena to ABC News. "I think this is embarrassing...I'm embarrassed myself for having her twerk at a school dance."

She continued, "That's ridiculous to think that's OK at a school dance. The school didn't even call me and let me know it was going on."

Mrs. Hena thinks Jamie learned her moves online and has since suspended her Internet privileges, telling ABC, "I want her to realize that she is just a child and she can't do that...When she's 18, she can do whatever she wants. As of right now, that's not something she's going to be doing."

When asked if she was upset by her punishment, Jamie simply said, "Yes."

Tish Cyrus, we're still waiting!