I don't know about you, but every morning I open my inbox to spam from each and every website I've ever visited (and some I haven't) advertising their 12 Days of Christmas Deals, etc... Have Mercy! I don't know if my husband realizes how lucky he is that that stuff doesn't mean much to me. I don't have to wear Jimmy Choos, I don't need the latest trendy jewelry and more often than not, I'm pretty content with a wardrobe from Target or Kohl's. If I ask for anything expensive, it's usually for my horse, therefore it doesn't count, since it's not really for me:) So, since everyone else seems to be doing a top 12, I came up with a list of the top 12 reasons my husband should be thankful for ME this Christmas!

1. I'm allergic to gold... yellow, white, it doesn't matter. He can get away with silver which is way more affordable. Now some might say he should move up to platinum, but I'm a country girl...  How would I know the difference?!?!

2. I've never asked for joint checking... granted, this is more for me than him, but seriously, if I ever really knew what he paid out daily for smokes and Red Bull or how much he really let Lani eat out, I doubt we'd still be together. Thank GOODNESS he's never asked about what I spend!

3. I'm content to throw on a baseball hat with a little mascara and lip gloss and go where ever we need to go. I'm def not one of those girls who have to totter around on high heels 24/7 to feel like I'm dressed. Don't get me wrong, I like to get 'dressed.' I get my hair and nails done regularly, but last Mardi Gras season, when we were royalty, I got wore slap out between hair, extensions, nails, tanning, shopping, etc... Upkeep like that is torture!

4. I do the laundry (he used to all of his and Lani's before we got together) and we have 'help' every two weeks that I pay for out of my own pocket in addition to my daily straightening and putting up. He always has a nice house to come home to... and he complains that I wash his jeans too much. Oh well.

5. I don't make him talk about his feelings.

6. I let him fart in bed and blame it out our 12lb doxie which is pretty nice of me considering that if it really was coming out of a 12lb doxie, said doxie would be at the emergency vet.

7. I am actually considering getting him a bull mastiff puppy. He's always wanted one.

8. I put up with him AND his 17 year old daughter. If you've been around a teenage girl, you know what I'm talking about.

9. I will actually shove him out the door to play golf with his buddies. That way I don't feel guilty about riding:)

10. I don't bring up the fact he sold two Christmas presents of mine (from him) without asking, to buy me last year's Christmas present.

11. I get my oil changed on my own.

12. He not only has a man cave, I don't mind when he watches football.

Clearly, I'm an amazing wife and there are women who are shaking their heads right now. I know... He gets away with entirely too much, but he's pretty good to me too!

1. He lets me sleep in (unless Lani isn't up for school, then I have to get up to wake her up. Alarm clock anyone?)

2. He let's me have not one, but two boyfriends. One is big, black and hung like a horse... Maybe because he is one!

3. He never says too much when I bring home another pet or want to foster one... As long as I pay for the vet bills, he doesn't really care.

4. It was his idea to move out by my mom so we could be closer to her and the horses. What guy actually suggests moving closer to his mother-in-law?

5. He's really good at building stuff. And he can run big construction equipment... which I can't. Don't judge.

6. He doesn't miss the toilet in the middle of the night and he doesn't mind when someone calls him Mr. Bristol.

7. He let's me do my thing, whatever it may be... And he likes shopping way more than I do!

8. He's crazy involved in his daughter's softball career and coaches or helps out with any team she's involved in.

9. He's hard working. If he's sees something that needs doing, he'll generally just do it instead of waiting for someone else to take care of it.

10. He loves our dogs... I actually caught him crooning to Cam last night during the thunderstorm.

11. He never makes fun of whatever diet I'm on. Granted, he doesn't participate or actively support, but he doesn't make fun. As long as the man has Doritos, Albert's, Chips Ahoy and sandwich makings, he's happy.

12. He watches chick flicks and The Voice with me! AND doesn't complain! That's kind of huge.

'Nuff said!