Our generation has some of the most diverse artists/ singers of all time! DJ's wearing Marshmallow Costumes to Amazing voices from people like Adele, Ed Sheeran and Pink 2017 truly has music for everyone. But lets admit it there's some downright weird ones out there even if they might be catchy... Below are a few of our favorites.


Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachov aka Vitas is a very popular Russian performer who is big all throughout Europe. Everything about him is well, unique. Vitas music is catchy and he can hit the high notes but his style and that thing he does with his tongue got him on this list.


Poppy is a new artist who started off as a YouTube sensation and while her songs get tons of views and her fanbase is growing we are still not sure if she is in a Cult or Not..

A Tribe Called Red

Honestly I'm a big fan of this band who are Native American Rappers from Canada and are changing the face of Hip Hop. Native American Music is described as the first American Rappers.


Die Antwoord

This group is from South Africa and hit it big a few years ago with their hugely popular club song "I Fink U Freeky". Their music videos are almost like a real life nightmare but it's hard to look away and not dance along.