As a resident of nearby Shreveport, La., I've been going to Dallas-Fort Worth to see family and friends since I was a kid. DFW has a huge footprint and there's no shortage of places to stop and spend your money, from shopping centers to restaurants. And I'm going to share with you some of the coolest places in the Metro-plex.

So, fill up your gas tank and get ready to drive all over town. Here are some great restaurants to eat at, places to see and things to do while you're hanging out in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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    Ginger Browns

    For breakfast you've got to stop at Ginger Browns from the "Aigs" (eggs) to the hash browns it's a solid home cooking breakfast food joint. What sets it far and away above all the other restaurants is the the cinnamon rolls. I can still remember the first cinnamon roll I ever ordered from Ginger Browns. My aunt and cousins told me how amazing they were, I didn't believe it. The waitress brought a HUGE roll to my table. I cut into it and it exploded. Cinnamon sugar buttery goodness covered my plate. It was glorious and extremely rich and filling. After eating 1 good luck eating the rest of the food you ordered.

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    Fuzzy's Tacos

    For lunch and dinner there are TONS of options of places to eat in DFW, the usual suspects of your favorite chain restaurants, but why eat generic food you could get at home any day of the week? Go for something amazing and cheap! Fuzzy's Tacos, once you get past the name, is the best Mexican food you'll ever eat. The menu looks like your standard tex-mex restaurant menu. My most recent visit to Fuzzy's I ordered fish and shrimp taco plate with rice and beans and a large drink, my wife had 2 pulled beef tacos with rice and beans and a drink total price with tip $22. I'm not going to name, names but you order something similar here in town you're looking at $30. So it's cheaper, you'd think quality would suffer, right? You'd think wrong. The tacos have healthy servings of the meat, lettuce, cilantro, a garlic sauce and feta cheese. Out. Of. This. World! The beans honestly aren't anything special, the cilantro and lime rice is pretty amazing. Order the queso. (You're welcome.)

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    Six Flags

    What can I say about Six Flags? I've gone to Six Flags my whole life, I've always been an adrenaline junkie. (Though roller coasters just don't do it for me anymore after flying with the Blue Angels.)

    Six Flags is an amazing park tons of rides, it's Looney Toons themed so that's awesome for the kids. The kids zone has miniature adult rides. In fact I'd say it gives Magic Kingdom a run for its money on rides for kids (which is sacrilege I'm sure). For high thrill rides do the Titan, Texas Giant, their new swing ride, and Mr Freeze  and that other roller coaster ride I can never remember the name of.

    Pro tip 1: if you get the season pass, buy a season parking pass to. That way all you need to have for a day of fun is a tank of gas and money for food. Pro

    Pro tip 2: pack an ice chest full of ice and lunch stuff When you get hungry leave get your hand stamped leave the park and have a picnic on their grounds (they have a picnic area) ... seriously don't forget a LOT of ice though. I had a very sad picnic once because all my meat / cheese / etc got too hot and spoiled in because of that hot Texas sun.

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    Russle Stovers Outlet

    I'm sure it's a surprise to no one I never EEEEEVER got to stop here when I was a kid. You can imagine the lure of a candy store to a child sitting in the back seat of a car. You can also imagine avoiding any place that would make your kid (who's already on your nerves from being annoying on a road trip) super hyper. Well, once I was an adult, you better believe I went inside the store. It was everything I ever hoped for. candy. Lots of Candy. Cheap. Stock up and cure your sweet tooth.

    Pro Tip: Chocolate melts fast in that Texas sun make sure you have your ice chest handy.

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    Grapevine Mills

    Oh sure you could go to the Galleria and Ice Skate, but once you get done busting your butt, you realize its just a big confusing mall with too many levels and over priced stuff. Grapevine Mills, however, is a nice mall. A nice BIG mall. This mall is set up in one big circle. A weird rectangle thing, really. (I suck at geometry.)

    Anyway, when i say big circle I mean it's a MILE all the way around this mall. You'll find all your favorite stores a huge food court and even some stores, like my wife's favorite store Forever 21, that are in the middle of the mall that cut through from one side of the mall to the other and it's ENORMOUS.

    They say everything is bigger in Texas and Grapevine Mills definitely proves that point. Its a big old mall, and it's awesome.