The deadline to file your taxes is coming up on Tuesday April 15th. The time has come to settle up with Uncle Sam, did you give him too little *cough*go see an accountant*cough* or did you give him too much? If you are going to get a return here are 5 things you could do.

  • 1

    Buy Something You Want

    You consider yourself good with your money. You never buy things unless you absolutely have to. Or maybe your so strapped for cash you never have a dime extra to spend on yourself. Either way, when you get your tax refund check that's an ideal time to go buy what you've been putting off.

    Maybe you'd like a new fancy mattress, huge tv, new gaming console, computer, nice furniture, or iPad. Whatever it is you've been thinking "I would love to have that I just don't have the funds." This is your shot!

  • 2

    Go On Vacation

    You work really hard to make ends meet and you haven't left the city limits in 2 years. Maybe its time to treat yourself to a nice holiday.

    Depending on the size of your return you could earn a new stamp on your passport, or visit the beach, maybe a favorite amusement park, or if you're on a bit of a budget jump in your car and drive to Dallas or New Orleans and stay in the cheapest hotel you can find. Just waking up in a different area code can really do wonders for your wanderlust.


  • 3

    Start a 'Rainy Day Fund'

    We've all been there at one point or another. You're going along with life everything is fine. When out of no where 2 flat tires, or you're in an accident and have a deductible to meet, or the AC goes out on the hottest day of the year.

    Those days are the worst! However if you take your tax return and put it in an account that you will not touch those days will only be minor annoyances. You won't have to worry about bumming a ride, maxing out a credit card, or being miserable and sweaty.

    Besides you might just earn a little interest and that's never a bad thing.

  • 4

    Payoff a Bill

    While no where near as awesome as seeing a new big screen in your living room or memorable as a trip to the beach with your family. Paying off your bills with your tax refund check will offer something else. A little piece of mind. There's something very satisfying about going to your monthly budget and deleting a monthly bill.

    Granted, you may only be saving $50 a month, but that's a night at the movies with the object of your affection, or a new top, or new shoes.

    Point is the more money that stays in your bank account the better.

  • 5


    If you feel like being magnanimous. Donating your money to a charity might just be the way to go. Look at it like this, you didn't really have that money to begin with. So, giving the money to a worthy cause, place of worship or organization you believe in will feel painless.