So one of my female co-workers and I were talking about how V-day (February 14) is next week! But what should girls give a guy? Here's six great ideas of stuff you can do for a guy that is NOT sexual favors related.

  • 1

    Get out of jail free card.

    This card can be redeemed for amnesty in situations such as "(name) forgot to do (chore/task)", "(name) did (stupid thing)", or "(name) doesn't have to attend (function he complains about)."

    Make it specific make it vague your call, but make it worth it. “Forgot to brush his teeth” would be lame.

  • 2

    Get him drunk!

    Alcohol whether a bottle of his favorite kind of booze or an open bar tab that he doesn't pay for on a night out. Guys are ALWAYS buying drinks. One night or one bottle wouldn’t hurt, right?

  • 3

    Give him a massage

    Getting a back massage from you. Sure a couple’s massage would be nice, but there's something to be said for the woman you love rubbing the ache's and pains out of your day and not some stranger at the salon. (Disclaimer: professional massages are amazing too.)

  • 4

    Alone time together.

    No work, no errands, no obligations, no schedule. Just a day spent enjoying each other's company. Guys in love need one thing, you.

  • 5

    Feed him.

    Cook his favorite food for him. This one is kinda self explanatory.

  • 6

    Last Resort

    Offer to act as if Valentine's day doesn't exist. That’s right, no Valentines Day presents for you. This would be the ULTIMATE sacrifice on your part.