WOW! To some, a radio station event is something you go to and enjoy for a few hours. Those behind the scenes know it takes months of planning and we have some people that deserve to be recognized! If I leave someone out, don't slap me, my brain is still garbled!!! I've gotta say, even though it was dangerously hot, I think we did what we set out to accomplish... to create awareness about the dangers of texting and driving, as well as online safety. If we can get one person to think twice before texting and driving, we've done our job. If we can get one parent to work with their child regarding internet safety, we've won. The new law regarding texting and driving took effect last week and we hope to keep our listeners safe. After all, we're pretty fond of you and we'd like to keep you around!

Thank you to Patti Martin and the team at CO5 Music for bringing Manika!!! Of course, a special thanks to Manika as well. It was hot and she was a trooper! She shook every hand, kissed every baby and put on a great show! I wish I had that kind of composure at 18!

Thank you to Dan Pearson and the crew at S-Curve Records for bringing Andy Grammer. I don't think there was a person who saw him perform that doubted they were seeing something special. Andy's upbeat and positive attitude through the sweltering heat was miraculous to say the least!

The Shreveport/Bossier Captains - These guys rock. After all, they basically let a bunch of radio people take over their park for an entire day and did it with a smile. Chet and Wiley are some of the coolest people we know and we want to let you know we thank you and the entire Captains organization for your hospitality! Also, a big thanks goes out to Chris Giordano from the State Fair of Louisiana. He provided the stage for Friday night and it was perfect!

Justice for Justin - Thank you so much for being on hand Friday night. Online safety is a real concern and you inspire us all to make our world a better place for our children. We can't thank you enough for the work you do! Justice for Justin is personal to us, whenever you need us, you give us a call.

Bossier Marshall's Office aka Marshall's for Kids - Lt. Shelly Anderson is a Godsend! She's upbeat, positive and she loves what she does. We can't thank she and her office enough for being on hand and helping to educate parents about the safety of their children.

KMSS Fox 33 - Thank you for being an amazing TV partner. Your staff is like an extension of our own and vice versa. You are always supportive and game even when it's 100+ degrees out! We appreciate you!

Metro PCS and Landers Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram - Without amazing sponsors like you, we wouldn't be able to do events like this. Thank you so much for caring about our community. As you know, it takes a village.

Mary Martin Almond - Mary is the promotions director at K945 and she sent out press release after press release, printed fliers and pledges ad naseum and spent pretty much the entire day at Fairgrounds Field Friday bannering, setting up equipment, etc... She is involved in all things Townsquare Media (K945) does and we certainly couldn't do it without her!

Puff - Puff is the man! He never says no and he never does a job halfway. He hangs banners, he moves PA equipment, he runs cables... he does it all! And he spent close to 14 hours in the heat. I want his stamina!

Troy - Troy is the Chief Engineer at Townsquare Media Shreveport. Not only does he keep us on air and our computers working, he also sets up sound for events. It never fails that when we do something outside, Mother Nature turns up the heat. He worked in the sun tirelessly hauling and setting up equipment all day Friday and then stayed and took it all down AFTER the event even though he has a wife and small child at home. I'm just really glad Troy didn't get burned this time... except that little patch on his neck that he missed with sunscreen! Plus, he's the man when it comes to switching out a blown amp at the speed of sound... If you were there, you know what we're talking about!

Jay - God love Jay! The week of the event, he and Stifler hit schools all over the SBC and almost got hauled away in cuffs at one since we didn't have pre-approval to be there. It's not a party unless the police are involved! Jay worked the crowd all night long with games, etc and is always the host with the most... and the coolest Nikes known to man!

Stifler - Stifler ran the roads with Jay to make sure everyone in the SBC knew about Practice Safe Text. He also ran video and took hundreds of pics at the event. He hung out, kissed babies and their mommas (which are his favorite!) and generally does what Stifler does, always say yes and make sure that everyone around him is having a good time!

Paul Cannell - Paul is our web guy extraordinaire. He spent the evening filming all that was going on at Practice Safe Text and as we speak he is busy now editing video for your viewing pleasure. As a Megadeath fan, I was excited to see that he's a new Andy Grammer convert.

Danny Fox - Danny Fox is our webmaster and keeps everything up to date and 'shiny' at He built the webpage for Practice Safe Text, created the pledges, etc... We shur 'nuff do love us some Danny Fox!

Howard Hart - Bless Howard for his commitment to making our Townsquare Media stations sound good at all times. Howard helped by manning the K945 studios Friday night and made sure the show from Fairgrounds Field sounded great!

Gabe - You always need a big burly man when you plan an event and if you're looking for one, Gabe is seriously good at being the big burly guy. He can load and unload a vehicle faster than most can go to the can. Maybe it's because he's in training for the Navy, but we'll sure miss his muscles when he's gone!

Erin McCarty - Thanks to the fabulous Ms. McCarty who made sure this story was covered on all six of our Townsquare Media stations in Shreveport/Bossier City.

BJ Kelley - Thanks to BJ from 96.5 KVKI who always comes out to support our station events!

Ryan Best - Ryan is the king of sales at K945. He puts together sponsorships and promotions around Practice Safe Text each year. Of course, our whole sales team does this, but he's taken this event on as his personal pet project and we can't thank him enough. You've gotta love when the guy in starched pants is out helping to hang banners in the stifling Louisiana heat.

Denise Larue - Denise is on our sales team at K945 and I know it hurt her greatly to be Andy Grammer's right hand girl all night. She fetched him waters, helped him sell merch before and after the show and generally looked after his interests... She was also the hot blonde!

Jackie Whaley - Jackie Whaley is the queen! She also does sales at K945 and she's always there to help! We couldn't ask for a better person in our corner! Plus, she helped me carry out the coolers... I love her for that!

Barbara Lebel - When you want something done at K945, you go to Barbara Lebel. She has mastered the art of what we call 'putting lipstick on a pig and getting on down the road.' Thank you so much for hooking our artists up with hotel accommodations at DiamondJacks. They all said they loved the rooms and thought the Jacuzzi tubs in the rooms were a nice (if kinky) touch!

Lisa Janes, Gary McCoy and Casey Ryan - they're the head cheese(s) at Townsquare Media/K945. Thank you so much for letting us keep our jobs. We like them... We get to hang out with cool artists, check out baseball players butts and chill (you know what I mean) with the coolest (again, you know what I mean) listeners on the planet! Also, big thanks to Casey for hooking us up with Shreveport Limousine. They got everyone where the needed to go with style and class!

The K945 Street Team - WOW!!! You guys simply KICK BUTT! Each one of you brought friends with you and made us look amazing! Maddi, Audrey, Kristen, Lani, Summer, Emma, Hayley, Victoria, April... There are too many to thank, but you know who you are!!! We love you!!!

KTBS News Channel 3 - Thank you so much to Chris Arnold from KTBS who came out and covered Practice Safe Text. You guys made us look like rockstars on your Friday night news and online at

THE BEST LISTENERS IN THE WORLD ARE RIGHT HERE IN THE SBC!! Thank you for your continued passion for our community and K945. We would be nothing (literally) without you. Thank you!

Also, special thanks to the Parkway Panther band!!! Loved having you  guys there as well!