KFC offers finger-lickin' good fried chicken and now you can accessorize your prom dress with a wrist-lickin' good corsage. This prom season's hottest fashion.

USA Today is reporting that KFC is joining forces with Nanz & Kraft, a florist in Louisville, Kentucky to bring prom goers the "chicken corsage." The corsage is made of baby's breath flowers and fried chicken drumstick, which will cost your $20.

The fried chicken giant has already sold 20 orders for the crave-able accessory, including a wedding party order. According to a KFC spokesperson, Rick Maynard, the restaurant will, "probably end up catering that one just so guests don't end up eating the corsages."

The crispy corsages are a limited edition and KFC is only making 100. You can order a chicken corsage online and with it comes a KFC coupon redeemable for a drumstick. The choice is yours, but why not turn that drumstick into a beautiful, savory necklace.

Finally, no more tummy rumbles during those romantic slow dances. Remember, arms width apart.