Alec Baldwin made such a scene on a plane yesterday that he got booted off by the captain. The plane was idle at the gate for awhile so Alec continued playing ‘Words with Friends’ even though everyone had already been ordered to turn off their electronic devices. A flight attendant told Alec again that he would have to turn off his cell phone. Alec ran to the bathroom, possibly to finish his game (?), and he slammed the door so hard that the captain heard it. The captain asked what was making all the commotion and when he found out it was an unruly passenger, he ordered him to be removed from the plane. Alec vented on Twitter after the incident, saying ‘Just got reamed out by a flight attendant on American for playing ‘Words with Friends’ while sitting at the gate, not moving. # No Wonder American Air Is Bankrupt.’ He later caught another flight and tweeted, ‘Last flight with American, where retired Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950’s find jobs as flight attendants.’ ‘Words with Friends’ is showing Alec their support. They released a graphic of the game with the crossword ‘Let Alec Play’.  And American Airlines started back peddling because they don’t want to lose Alec’s business. The airline tweeted that they are looking into the incident and they want to hear his side of the story.

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