Actress Amanda Bynes was arrested in New York Thursday night and taken for what many say is a much-needed psychiatric evaluation.

TMZ reports that police were called to Bynes' Manhattan apartment when she began to display signs of disturbing behavior, including talking to herself. NBC News also says that when police arrived, she allegedly threw a bong out the window, and screamed "Don't you know who I am?" as she was led away from the apartment.

The actress was then arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and underwent a psychiatric evaluation before being processed at a Midtown precinct.

The former Nickelodeon star has been getting known for her off-screen exploits over the past year, starting with a series of car accidents and DUI arrests while living in Los Angeles, and continuing with her move to New York including getting kicked out of gyms for erratic behavior and smoking a lot of marijuana.

Her family has been justifiably upset over Bynes' recent behavior, but are basically powerless to help her since she is an adult and cannot legally have her committed.

Let's all hope this is a step toward getting her life and career back on track.