Yesterday, I had Jason Derulo on the show and he was AWESOME! Yes, the Jason Derulo. I say that because I posted on Facebook that I would be talking to him on my show and Jay came running in the studio asking, "Are you really going to be talking to THE Jason Derulo?"

"No, Jay, I'm going to be talking to the Jason Derulo from Benton! Yes, I'm going to be talking to Jason Derulo!" So yes, I had Jason Derulo on the show yesterday. The Jason Derulo behind Ridin' Solo, Watcha Say, Don't Wanna Go Home, In My Head, etc... Jason is a humble guy, despite his success. He graduated at 16 and not only went to a performing arts high school but to a performing arts college as well. That set the stage for a man who was meant to entertain. Jason is a true triple threat with his background in music, dance and stage. As a teen, he was a 'ghost writer' and was behind songs for big hitters like Diddy, Danity Kane, Lil Wayne, Sean Kingston, Cassie and more. Jason Derulo has toured with Lady Gaga and the Blackeyed Peas. His second studio album, Future History is scheduled to come out September 2011 and he'll be following it up with a headlining world tour! After that, he's looking into exercising his acting chops. I made him promise if he filmed in the SBC, he wouldn't leave your girl hangin'! Check out the interview below and check out his videos. I foresee a long career for Mr. Derulo. After all, Flash Mobs don't happen for sucky artists!

Jason Derulo Interview Part 1: 

Jason Derulo Interview Part 2: