Brad Pitt has a lot of baby mama drama in his life right now! Angelina Jolie is preggers again and a pregnant Jennifer Aniston wants him back, at least that’s what the tabloids say this week.

OK Magazine is reporting that Angelina Jolie is three months pregnant but only telling a select group of people. She’s having a tough time with morning sickness but really ecstatic to be adding to their family. And this pregnancy couldn’t come at a better time because it can save their struggling relationship.

Jennifer Aniston is also preggers these days and she wants Brad to help her raise the baby, according to Star Magazine. Jennifer is six months pregnant and was just about to make the announcement but had to put that on hold since she’s on the verge of a break-up with Justin Theroux. She had a falling out with Justin over the holidays after he didn’t propose and they still haven’t made up. She tearfully called Brad, saying that she didn’t want to make a joint announcement about a break-up and a pregnancy. Brad tried to soothe her by confiding that he was having problems with Angie, and Jenn took that as he would leave his life to join her and help raise this baby.