Jessica Biel is jealous of another Hollywood lady that keeps snagging all the good roles. She revealed to Elle magazine that she was crushed that Anne Hathaway got the role of ‘Catwoman’ after she auditioned for it. She referred to that role as ‘the one that got away’. Then she revealed that she got turned down for a role in ‘Les Miserables’, but Anne snagged that one as well. Anne heard those comments and couldn’t believe that Jessica was comparing their acting skills.

Anne said that Jessica needs to quit complaining because they are not even in the same league of acting. Anne told a source that Jessica had ulterior motives by making it seem like she’s up for the same roles. Jessica wants to make it seem like they are on the same level to make her in greater demand. Anne pointed out that she’s been up for Academy Awards and Golden Globes, but Jessica only has a limited acting range that doesn’t extend past ‘7th Heaven’ and ‘The A-Team’.

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