John Travolta says that he wasn’t in town at the time that the first male masseuse claims he was sexually assaulted but John Doe’s lawyer claims that he has proof that says otherwise.. And he says that more masseurs have come forward.

Okorie Okorocha is quickly becoming the Gloria Allred for the John Travolta accusers. He is representing John Doe #1 and 2 and says that more are coming forward with similar claims. He says that the credit cards receipts prove that Travolta was in NYC on the night of the alleged sexual assault but the abuse actually happened in the morning. He says that John could have easily flown out after he made a play at his client. Each of the plaintiffs are seeking $2mil in damages and others may end up suing as well.

John’s lawyer says he plans to prove that the accusers are lying and they have their own evidence that will prove Travolta’s innocence.