Everyone is talking about the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and not just because of the new features but also because of the massive fail during the reveal.

One of the coolest features talked about today is a new face recognition program that will unlock your phone. This feature is incredibly awesome to those that are somehow too lazy to put their thumb on the home button. That feature, along with a few others including customizable emoji's will most likely be enough for millions upon millions to buy the $1,000 iPhone X when it becomes available in October.

The only real downside to this phone (besides the enormous price) is the fact that their main selling point when it comes to new features didn't even work properly during the big reveal.

Seriously, they have been planning this day for this phone for a very long time, and they couldn't even get the feature to work. Yep, they showed off the awesome facial recognition feature and it failed miserably. You have to see this!