Could the next hot celebrity couple be Olivia Wilde and Jake Gyllenhaal? The two were seen getting pretty cozy while eating with a group of friends in New York. Although they were with several other people, they had their chairs pulled close together and sources said they were enamored with each other. This isn’t the first time they’ve been linked together. Back in June, rumors surfaced of a possible hook up but they haven’t been seen together again until now. And remember that guy that was the Brad Pitt to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Angelina Jolie costume for Halloween? That was some guy she was dating named Jarod Einsohn. They had been dating for the past few months but Jarod realized he didn’t want to be with the needy Jennifer anymore, so he dumped her via text message. She’s been photographed looking sad and wearing sweatpants with no makeup while binging on frozen yogurt.

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