On Ash Wednesday, Catholics typically don't eat meat. I have a great recipe for crawfish etouffee and wanted to enjoy this traditional south Louisiana dish. I headed out to the grocery store to buy some crawfish tails so I could make crawfish etouffee. In the seafood cooler area, I found just what I wanted: crawfish tails from a company called Boudreaux. These have to be good, right?

I get my grub home, fire up the pot of rice and then get to work on my crawfish dish. The mudbugs are the last to go in, so I didn't pay much attention to them just yet. But when I went to open the package, I noticed small writing on the bottom: "Product of China."

WHAT? Boudreaux' Crawfish...in China? How could that be? I looked at the package again and it really looks like it came from a Louisiana company.

Well, I ate the Chinese crawfish, but was quite disappointed that I was eating mudbugs from China. Who knew they had Boudreaux' in China!