Arnold Schwarzenegger: weightlifting guru, butcher of the English language and... prankster?

The Terminator dressed up as a regional manager named Howard and roamed the floors of Gold's Gym in Venice, California offering up workout advice to the everyday patrons. It's fairly obvious that Howard is really Arnold in disguise. I mean, if the awful wig and mustache don't give it away, the accent certainly will.

The former governor of California teamed up with an organization called Omaze to promote both health and fitness, as well as the After-School All-Stars program.

In the video Arnold wipes the forehead of one man, while telling a woman, who is lifting weights, "when it burns, it grows." At one point he gently reminds a struggling man that, "this is Gold's Gym, not a baby gym." And see how he reacts when he sees a picture of young Arnold on display as "gymspiration."

Gold's Gym appears to be making its way to Louisiana with one location in Breaux Bridge and two more locations coming soon. Keep an eye out. It may not be long before we see Arnold in the SBC helping us all say "hasta la vista" to fat.