Ashton Kutcher offered some marriage advice to Men’s Health magazine. Of course, the magazine didn’t make the newsstands until after Demi Moore announced that she is filing for a divorce. But was he hinting that their relationship was nearing the end in this interview? He told the magazine, ‘I think it's all about working on the relationship and making it better . . . when it's good. The goal is not to get into a relationship; the goal is to be in a relationship." He also pointed out that he could never be with a woman that tried to change him. Ashton wrapped up the interview saying, ‘I’m scared of failure but I just don’t see it as something that’s inevitable.’ Now that inevitable divorce is here, and Demi told her lawyer to punish him financially. A source said that Demi is talking about going after a share of what he has earned since their marriage on the grounds that she contributed to what he has achieved. She wants this divorce to be an expensive lesson for him.

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