We finally know mystery baby father to January Jones baby… It’s no other than the philandering Ashton Kutcher. The website BlindGossip.com posted cryptic details on their site, saying, ‘This married actor had a one night stand with an ex girlfriend, and the actress wound up pregnant. The actor’s wife found out, went ballistic, and unsuccessfully tried every tactic to get her to terminate the pregnancy.’ Remember, January and Ashton have some romantic history. They were dating from ’98 to ’01 but things didn’t end on a high note. After the break up January started bashing Ashton, saying he told her she would never make it as an actress. But despite the hard feelings, January wanted a baby and Ashton was able to unintentionally give her one. The site says since Demi couldn’t pay or threaten January to end the pregnancy, she just paid some mega money to keep silent about the father. January gave birth to her baby boy Xander last month. Throughout her whole pregnancy, she has never named the father and did not list him on the birth certificate.

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