Wow! This question will always get people in the SBC fired up! Keep in mind, when I was asked this question, I immediately ruled out national chains! For the same reason, I excluded casino restaurants, as well. It's always perplexed me that when friends have folks in from out of town, that they'd take them to a chain restaurant. Not that there's anything wrong with Red Lobster or Chili's, I like them too! But when hosting a visitor to the SBC, I like to show off our local color and that's why I've crafted this list of the Top 5 Restaurants in Shreveport/Bossier City!

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    The Cub

    This might as well be included on the list of Shreveport Historical Sites when visiting the SBC. The Cub opened in 1939 and has a storied history. At one point it was a drive in! Not only is it a fantastic watering hole, it's the home of the best steak and augratin potatoes in town!

    The Cub Lounge
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    Ernest's Orleans Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge

    Ernest's is yet another staple of the Shreveport culinary scene! Special night? Anniversary? Take 'em to Ernest's! You'll feel pampered by the valet service and the attentive staff. And make sure you try the marinated crab claws. They're delightful!
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    Herby K's

    Gumbo? Check. Etouffee? Check. Jambalaya? Check. Great atmosphere? Check. Herby K's is a classic hole in the wall with fantastic food. It's off the beaten path and the decorations behind the bar haven't been dusted in a few decades, but it only adds to the experience! Ask for the Shrimp Buster... It's fantastic!
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    Monjuni's on Louisiana

    You're probably wondering why I was so specific as to the location of a particular Monjuni's. When you eat at Monjuni's on Louisiana and compare it to the other locations, you'll see what I mean. The atmosphere is great and I'm a fan of the wine! BTW, the Shrimp Aurora is my pick. It's addictive! I totally dig the bread and gravy too!
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    Superior Grill

    Superior Grill is like a right of passage for all those in the SBC turning 21. It's a veritable hunting ground for cougars and it's safe to say if you're looking for a happening place any night of the week, Superior is where it's at. Commonly referred to as the Grill, it has the best margaritas in town IMHO. They also have some off menu items like the chicken nuggets which are to die for! My picks include the crawfish quesadillas and the shrimp and avocado salad!

    Superior Grill