So you got invited to a wedding, but you shouldn't be asking your calendar if you can attend. It's you wallet you should consult with.

According to American Express, 30 percent of the adult population plans on attending at least one wedding a year. And it can get pretty pricey. The cost of attending someone's nuptials will run you an average of $539. If you happen to be a member of the wedding party, you can bet you'll spend an average of $577.

That's up 75 percent from 2012.

Here are a few places that money is going to:

Jewelry/accessories: $104

Hotel: $95

Transportation: $72

Dining out: $65

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party: $60

Personal grooming in preparation for the wedding: $41 (Of course, ladies, we know you can't get a decent cut, color and style for less that $100)

Child/Pet care: $27

It's also expected that you will spend anywhere between $66 and $179 on a wedding gift for the couple. The closer the relationship, the high the price tag is.

The price could easily double if the couple has chosen to do a destination wedding.

Holy Matrimony!