Bethenny Frankel is heading towards a nasty divorce. She and Jason Hoppy have both met with divorce lawyers and the bitter end is imminent. Jason plans to expose Bethenny’s extramarital relationship during the divorce proceeding. He says that Bethenny’s professional relationship with her Skinnygirl partner Matt Hesse has taken a personal turn and she’s not even hiding their affair. Bethenny does have a prenup in place but this infidelity could end up costing her $100 million in the divorce battle.

One person who’s saying ‘I told you so’ is Bethenny’s mom. She says that she called this break up before they even got married. She said, "This was dead in the water even before it began. His problem is he’s too nice, and she’ll grab another nice one. He is replaceable. Nice is boring, and Bethenny gets bored with nice."