Beyonce takes you behind the scenes of her new video for "Pretty Hurts" and gives her take on the world of pageants.

Beyonce is as glamorous as they come, but she knows being pretty is not what life is about. In the video for her new song "Pretty Hurts" she takes a bold stance against pageants.

"I wanted to tap into the world of competition," Beyonce said of the video, in which she portrays a pageant hopeful struggling with how she looks on the outside.

She enlisted the help of director Melina Matsoukas, whom she thought really understood the message of the song. Matsoukas said many of the scenes were improvisations. A set was put together and an idea set, but then she left it up to the actors to react as they would in a similar situation.

Finding the right emotions wasn't too difficult for Beyonce who said, "Some of the things that young women go through is just really heartbreaking for me."