Kim Kardashian has her sights set high now that she’s with Kanye West. She wants to hang out with the elite in his inner circle, namely Beyonce. She had visions of chatting it up with Beyonce while Kanye and Jay-Z discussed music but that’s never gonna happen. Beyonce doesn’t want Kim anywhere around her. She and Jay-Z even avoided Carmelo Anthony’s dinner party on Monday until after Kimye made their grand exit.

Beyonce knows that they are completely different people and she doesn’t have any desire to get to know Kim. She thinks that Kim is trashy for turning her wedding into a circus and putting all of her business out there. Of course, Beyonce is the exact opposite of Kim. Her wedding was a private affair and she didn’t even fess up to the marriage for a long time after it was over.

Kim still hopes that one day she and Beyonce can become besties.