The BoomBox reports that Beyonce Knowles patched things up with her estranged dad Mathew druing the birth of daughter Blue Ivy.

It took a lot of convincing from husband Jay-Z, but Bey finally gave the OK for her dad to attend the birth, and it proved to be quite the emotional reunion.

A source tells the gossip website, "[Mathew] came into the delivery room while Bey was in labor and [Beyonce] broke down in tears . . . she cried openly. It was the first time she'd laid eyes on her father in almost a year."

The relationship between father and daughter has been rocky over the past few months, stemming from Beyonce firing her dad as her manager amid rumors of his taking more than his share of money the singer earned over the years, along with getting another woman pregnant after cheating on Beyonce's mom, Tina.