I'm a huge baseball fan. I can't get enough of it! T-ball to the pros, if it's watchable, I'm watching it. I've heard a lot of great announcer call the sport. Greats like Vin Scully, Ernie Harwell, Harry Caray, and so many more. Unfortunately, Dave Sims is now well known for a totally opposite reason than those listed above. Dave isn't well known for being consistently amazing, instead, for saying one of the craziest sentences ever uttered after a home run.

Every announcer needs a catchphrase. Something that can really be their own. I'm talking "Boom goes the dynamite" type stuff. Maybe Dave was going for something like that. Instead of hitting a home run, he struck out miserably.

Dave Sims is the play by play man for the Seattle Mariners. Mariners' Kyle Seager hit a bomb on Monday evening. Overwhelmed with excitement, Sims spoke the only words that came to his mind. His actual call of the home was went as follows...

"There's a drive, deep right field!  Say goodbye!"  Then he followed with, quote, "Hey, Lloyd!  Do some . . . delivery . . . for the truck . . . to the airport."

What??!!??!! Well at least we're talking about baseball for once! Here's the video & audio!