Bobbi Kristina Brown gave her first interview since her mother’s death less than a month ago, but she didn't mention that she's in the process of dropping her dad's last name.

She talked to Oprah and said that she is doing as good as she possibly can be at this time. She said that just because her mom Whitney Houston isn’t here, that doesn’t mean that she’s not with her. Bobbi said, "She's always with me. Her spirit is strong, it's a strong spirit. I can hear her voice in spirit talking to me -- ‘I’m right here, I’ve got you’ -- I can always feel her with me. I feel her pass through me all the time. She always asked me, 'Do you need me?' And I caught myself, out of nowhere, I didn't even know I said it, I said, 'I'll always need you.'"

But Bobbi did not bring up the fact that she is thinking about dropping her dad’s last name. Bobbi doesn’t have a good relationship with her father, Bobby Brown, and he’s not liked by Whitney’s family either. Most of them blame him for Whitney’s downfall. Bobbi has been toying with the idea of dropping his last name and legally changing it to Houston ever since her parent’s divorced 5 years ago, but her mother wouldn’t let her. Now in the wake of her death, Bobbi thinks it is time to make that name change official.

Bobbi is the sole heir in Whitney’s will. Whitney left her a total of $10,242,931 in various assets and debts coming to $4,294,014, which just leaves her an inheritance of $5,948,917. That stands to increase with her mother's music now hitting the charts again.