Let's pretend we're in Canada and we're driving along and we see a couple of hitchhikers. Do we stop and pick them up? You do if one of them is freaking BONO!! He and his assistant took a walk in Vancouver and got stranded in a downpour. So Bono sticks out his thumb, hoping for a ride from a good Samaritan who doesn't have a problem letting wet strangers in his car. And along comes some hockey player named Gilbert Brule and his girlfriend come riding along in their truck -- they were heading to a dog park -- and they see these people trying to hitch a ride. The girlfriend didn't want to stop because she didn't feel like being murdered. But that's when Gilbert suddenly realized, "That's Bono!!" So they pulled over and Gilbert asked, "Where do you want to go?" And Bono said, "Just take me to where The Edge is." So he and his assistant jumped in the back with the German shepherd and off they went to Horseshoe Bay. Bono was so grateful that he gave Gilbert and his girlfriend autographed passes to U2's show in Edmonton the next night.