The 58th Annual Grammy's were incredible last night, although there were quite a few hiccups. In fact, it started off a little shaky from the get-go when Bow Wow tried to kick off the show early...THREE different times!

Bow Wow (Shad Moss) still has some crazy energy. Remember him...Lil Bow Wow?

Well, just look at him now. All grown up and still on the microphone. Except this time, it's on live TV. And live TV is just that. LIVE.

As the The New Orleans Preservation Hall Jazz Band made it's way into the theater, the crowd was ready to go. And obviously so was Bow Wow. 1:30 TOO SOON! Unfortunately, it looks as though he did not have his watch synced to the Grammy clock.

So, if you suffer from secondhand embarrassment, you may not be able to get through this entire video. Poor thang! You should've synced your watch darlin'!

But I do have to say, that he did do a great job with the improv...stretch, stretch, stretch!