You know my horses are my babies and I'm just as horse crazy now as I was when I was 10! There's a special bond between a girl and her horse. You might think it's because they can't 'talk' back. Think again! My horses will tell you all about it and then some! Paisano and I have been working our butts off getting ready for the Tri State Dressage Society show this weekend. It's the Championships and the judge is THE Sally O'Connor! So yesterday, after an amazing ride, I asked my dressage coach, Caroline Sibley, to hop on and show me what we look like now as opposed to when we first got started... and you know I had to record it!!! Isn't he FANTASTIC?!?!?!?

My other baby, Under Pressure, has been learning what life is like out on the XC (Cross Country) course at Holly Hill Farm in Benton, LA and he's taking to it like a duck to water! I'm so proud of my boys!