I am so excited! I got my extensions put in this week at Couture Cosmetics and Pavo Salon on Line Avenue in Shreveport, LA. It all started with a Seize the Deal certificate I picked up during our big auction in December. I went and got an entire makeover head to toe! We did make up, hair, wax, you name it. When I was there, we started talking about extensions. I've always wanted extensions, I just never thought I could A.) afford them and B.) was scared they would trash my hair. Then Lindsay started telling me about the hair extensions she does with beads! I was hooked and ordered my hair on the spot. Thank you so much Lindsay Brocato! You are simply the best! Book your appointment with her today at (318) 469-3896 and while you're there, get your make up done by Casey Ryan. She's fabulous! Call Couture Cosmetics and Pavo Salon today (318) 219-DIVA.

Couture Cosmetics
5804 Line Ave.
Shreveport, LA 71106
318-219-DIVA (3482)