Hey guys! There a few things a woman never reveals and those are her age and weight, but with that being said, it's my birthday!!! I had a fantastic weekend with family and friends and even went to my first IMAX movie (I know, I'm a loser!) Either way, thank you to everyone who has been so kind as to make my birthday special. Your kind words, notes, cards and Facebook/Twitter messages are all greatly appreciated. Here are some of the pics I took from the weekend if you're interested:)

This is Keith and his daughter with Bella and Lortab... Yes, I have a cat named Lortab. Don't judge.
This is my nephew Caiden, who didn't realize he was being stalked!
This is a picture of the birthday cake my mom got me and the cute kitchen decoration my sweet friends Elizabeth and Diane gave me.
My sweet friend Julie K made me cupcakes because she knows I'm a chocolate freak!
Seeing a great bottle of wine on your desk when you start the day at work is always a good sign!