As many of you know, I'm in to make up! So much so, that I'm a pink lady! Yep, I sell Mary Kay. I'm not here trying to increase my business (not saying I wouldn't sell to you, because I totally would) but through my time in pageants in high school, through my training in Mary Kay, I've picked up a few things. One thing I can tell  you is that if it's old, it's generally best to throw it out because of general wear and tear and bacteria. Plus, the pigments tend to break down over time and the chemical structure changes. BUT, there are ways to get more out of your cosmetics. I go through mascara the most, so I thought I'd share a few tips. Never 'pump' your mascara. You may think you're getting more on the brush for thicker lashes, but you're actually creating air pockets for bacteria to grow and who wants that, especially around their eyes?!?! Skip the pink eye and instead, try wiping off your mascara wand once a week. I like Viva paper towels. Just make sure not to use alcohol. It'll sting  your eyes and change the chemistry of your product. Don't use water either. Drippy mascara is a no-no! That's all for now! More tips coming soon! Oh yeah, and just for my piece of mind, try and use products that weren't tested on animals. I understand animal testing for cancer treatment, lipstick, not so much! To see a list of cruelty free cosmetic companies, click here.