I'm random, you know it. It's like to trying to follow a, what the heck is that? Oh yeah, a rabbit trail:)

I was on the way to lunch today to hang with my friend Jen and I saw the most peculiar thing... You know when you look in your review mirror, you can generally see the driver in the car behind you, right? I'm not going to lie, I jumped! The person behind me had such a dark complexion, they blended right in with their dark upholstery. It freaked me out! Don't get weird. You'd freak too if you thought you were on the road with a driver-less car. Thank goodness they were wearing sunglasses because the reflection finally tipped me off I wasn't having an ET experience.

We're working on buying a new house. It's been a crazy process. Our house sold WAY faster than we expected... Good problem to have, right? We're not complaining, but we were TOTALLY unprepared. I was leaving the bank yesterday and I saw a cute little black car (I thought it was mine for a minute) and it had a single red rose stuck underneath the windshield wipers. It instantly melted my feminine heart. I started imagining the first bloom of love in a new relationship with a handsome young man wooing a pretty and plucky young lady. Then I realized, it might not be quite so romantic. It could be from a stalker and the poor girl (I assume) might have a freak out when she got to her car to head home after a long day at work... Damn Law and Order... It screws up even the best fantasy.

Tonight, Keith and I are joining some the ladies from my life group and their spouses for an informal get together. We had originally thought we were going to celebrate an engagement. Now we know her beau is heading to Afghanistan. I don't mean to be Debbie Downer, but DAMN!

We need to pray for Israel. Watching the rockets crossing  back and forth from Israel to the Gaza Strip is a nightmarish spectacle.

Um, yeah, try to have a good weekend. K?