Britney Spears has teased fans for long enough. The pop singer's hot new video for 'Work B*tch' hit the Internet today, and features a Britney that blurs the line between diva and dominatrix.

In the 'Work B*tch' video, Spears strikes poses on a dance floor in a desert as a fancy sports car kicks up dirt, hangs out in a pool with sharks and cracks the whip at other hot ladies who apparently just aren't working hard enough.

She takes the lyrics to 'Work B*tch' very seriously in the video, and it leads to some striking and surreal imagery. We can't wait to see how fans react.

her Twitter page Tuesday evening (Oct. 1), thanking her fans for their love and support:

What do you think of Britney Spears' new video for 'Work B*tch'? Is Britney back?