You've gotta love our good friends at MTV News. They love some Britney and we do to! They share all of their scoop with us since we're the official MTV affiliate for the SBC. Yeah, that's right, we're cool like that!

But really, I've always dug Brit... even when she was at her worse making the entire state of Louisiana look like trailer trash. You have to admit, she's pretty cute with Cheetos stains on her fingers, a Marlboro dangling and a Starbucks in the other hand. And I kinda liked the whole shaved head... very fashion forward! Joking! I love Britney and can't wait for the video!

From MTV News:

Britney Spears took to Twitter to announce that her new video for “Hold It Against Me” will premiere on MTV on February 17th at exactly 9:56 PM Eastern. Her Femme Fatale album will arrive on March 15th.

· TWEETS! Britney has been pretty active on Twitter recently. Here are two tweets with links to the teaser clips for the video:

· “Feb. 17th...9:56 PM…MTV... The WORLD PREMIERE of the Hold It Against Me video...directed by Jonas Akerlund -Britney”

· “Just saw a new cut of #HIAM. SOOOO excited to share it! 11 days to go... - Britney”