Denver Broncos fans are frowning today, after the team's enormous loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 48. Final score...43 to 8. But the half-time show certainly left smiles on a lot of faces.

It started It started with a chorus of kids singing “Billionaire,” then segued into a rockin' drum solo by Bruno Mars (I've never seen him do that before!), followed by a medley of many of his popular tunes -- from the upbeat and visually-exciting "Locked out of Heaven" to the super-sweet "Amazing." During "Run Away," Mars broke out with the James Brown moves, then he and his group were joined by rockers The Red Hot Chili Peppers who, much like the Broncos, gave a less-than-steller performance. But through it all, Mars and his guys kept the crowd going.

I don't own a single Bruno Mars album, but I very much appreciate his work. And his live performances are out of this world! He's so fun to watch. There's so much going on, it's never a dull moment with his group. Fans love that old-school James Brown style, the synchronized moves and the smooth vocals.

Other memorable musical performances were of the patriotic variety. Queen Latifah delivered a heart-felt rendition of "America the Beautiful" and opera star Renee Fleming did not fail to impress during the National Anthem, especially with those lovely high notes toward the end.

But even with all that, plus the commercials and the game itself, the half-time show still had to be the lest disappointing moment of the whole event. The Seahawks might have come out ahead in the big game, but if I had to pick the REAL winner of this year's Super Bowl...Bruno gets that honor, hands down.

Take a look at the complete half-time show here: