First Willie Jones left the X Factor, then Dez Duron was voted off The Voice and now, the last contestant that I actually liked on the X Factor is gone. Well, other than Emblem3... Bye, bye CeCe Frey.

Poor CeCe. No one could ever get your name right. But to be fair, it's Mario Lopez, Khloe Kardashian Odom and that cheesy voiceover guy the X Factor uses trying to say her name. I probably shouldn't say that but, dang, Peter Dickson is annoying! And why does Khloe always have to be touching someone? And Mario sound so darn excited when someone is getting kicked off?

It sounds like I don't like the X Factor, but I do. I love the way Demi Lovato isn't afraid of challenging Simon Cowell. I like waiting to see when Britney Spears will finally melt down and watching L.A. Reid prove to Simon, his is actually bigger. I also like the guest perfmances. Cher Lloyd from the X Factor UK was amazing. Too bad Ke$ha IMHO flopped:(

You can't say I didn't do my part to save CeCe. I voted my arse off as evidenced in the screen shot from my Facebook page. For what it's worth, at this point, in this particular season, I think the four remaining finalists on The Voice can out sing the four finalists on X Factor any day of the week!