Merry Christmas! This has been an adventurous holiday for me. Last night, I went with my friend to the shopping hell on the planet so she could make a return and I could do some last minute shopping. So, the returns were already crazy. She was about 7th in line and there was a green-toothed guy working the counter. So, we were waiting there at LEAST 40 minutes before she is the next in line, and I had been standing by a wall this whole time.

I should have known it was going to be insanity when I saw that there were only 2 buggies left, but I brought one inside and waited with it. About 40 minutes into the wait, I turned my back for 10 seconds and looked behind me and my buggy was GONE! I said, "Where'd my buggy go?" while looking all around me. I see a couple walking away with my buggy, so I say something.

Me: "Um.. did you just take my buggy?"
Them: "No, uh-uh, we got this buggy over there."
Me: "No, you didn't, because my buggy had that little, pink, $1 tag in it... that is MY buggy."
Them: "Well, I don't know, I was standing right there with it for a while."
Me: "So, first you got it over by the door and now you stood next to me for a while and I've been standing here 40 minutes with this same buggy and have never seen you before. And even if you WERE standing here, which you WEREN'T...I brought it in from outside, so your argument is invalid."
Them: (Blank stare...probably trying to figure out what invalid means)
Me: "You know what... just keep it. All you had to say was it was a mistake, but just keep it. I'll find another buggy. This is stupid. Merry Christmas!"
Them: (turn away and walk off- with no response)
Me: (shouting) "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!" If you are gonna STEAL my buggy, you are GOING to wish ME a Merry Christmas back..."
Them: (sweetly) "Merry Christmas, Ma'am."

My New Years Resolution is to NEVER do my Christmas shopping after October again.