Dog Catcher #CatchingCheaters
Every week on the Morning Madhouse the guys catch a cheater. If you hear Delicious Yum Yums calling you can almost guarantee that someone has been messing out in their relationship. If you think you might be being cheated on and want the help of The Morning Madhouse please email us at MorningMadhous…
Bindi Irwins Emotional Goodbye To Boyfriend
We've known Bindi Irwin from birth because of her late father Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter" and more recently on Dancing With The Stars. Bindi is following in her fathers footsteps working at zoo's around Australia and has found love in longtime boyfriend Chandler Po…
Phubbing Is Ruining Your Relationships!
Relationships have changed a lot through the years from how people meet to what causes them to fall apart. A recent study reported by CNN says that 60% of people in a current relationship are unhappy. Of course older issues such as money, communication and lifestyle changes continue to be a fac…
How To Win EVERY Argument With Your Loved Ones!
This list could go for Boyfriends/Girlfriends or even married couples... But lets be real, girls usually win no matter what!  While relationships aren't about winning or losing, no one likes to lose an argument. Also, make sure you pick your battles and be willing to compromise...
Ginger Scares Her Boyfriend [Video]
My boyfriend Tucker is terrified of spiders and I recently bought an entire package of fuzzy fake spiders. Since nothing was going on around our apartment, why not make a prank video? Check out his reaction below.
Shreveport Made Strides Against Breast Cancer
Today at LSUS, survivors and volunters gathered together to raise awareness and donations for breast cancer. The total amount raised was $81,000 with the help of 1100 people who participated throughout the walk.

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