Dog Catcher: Splitsville SBC
In the past The Dog Catcher was about Catching Cheaters but after we had someone reach out to us with a new problem a few weeks back we decided to expand it! More common than the act of cheating is "Ghosting" where someone ends a relationship without telling the other person why an…
The Worst Trends That Have Made A Comeback
Trends come and go and honestly I'm just hoping Acid Wash Jeans make a comeback. But there's been a lot we wish that didn't! Here's a list of the trends that have recently made their way back into the mainstream.
Leggings And Jeans
When 1 pair of jeans isn't enough why not wea…
Is It Ok To Date Your Friends Ex? (Poll)
Last week The Weekend and Selena Gomez posted pictures showing they're in a relationship. Selena used to be friends with Bella Hadid who broke up with The Weekend back in November after dating for 2 years. So this has started up the debate around the office...

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