The Worst Trends That Have Made A Comeback
Trends come and go and honestly I'm just hoping Acid Wash Jeans make a comeback. But there's been a lot we wish that didn't! Here's a list of the trends that have recently made their way back into the mainstream.
Leggings And Jeans
When 1 pair of jeans isn't enough why not wea…
Is It Ok To Date Your Friends Ex? (Poll)
Last week The Weekend and Selena Gomez posted pictures showing they're in a relationship. Selena used to be friends with Bella Hadid who broke up with The Weekend back in November after dating for 2 years. So this has started up the debate around the office...
Louisiana Festivals You Don’t Want To Miss In 2017
From the unique food to the live music nothing beats a festival and here in Louisiana we have all types to choose from! Now in Louisiana Mardi Gras is what we are known around the world for... But what about all the other great festivals?
We've put together a list of our favorites below...

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