C.E. Byrd School Shooting Threat On Social Media
A screenshot from what appears to be Snapchat has been making its rounds on social media threatening violence at C.E. Byrd High School. The post says "It's supposed to be a school shooter tomorrow at CE Byrd. Don't go to school. I'm not joking...
How To Have A Very Awkward Date
If you weren't blessed with my super power of making any situation extremely awkward then you can trust me to help make your date as awkward as possible.
Dog Catcher: Splitsville SBC
In the past The Dog Catcher was about Catching Cheaters but after we had someone reach out to us with a new problem a few weeks back we decided to expand it! More common than the act of cheating is "Ghosting" where someone ends a relationship without telling the other person why an…

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