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East Texas Comedy Group Releases The Romper Rodeo Song (Video)
Card 53 Comedy is a comedy group out of Tyler Texas who are known for their live acts but now they're know for something else... Their Rompers! The group aired their new video over the weekend during their Sold Out show at Liberty Hall.
If you've ever seen the Card 53 live you kno…
Kesha Returns To The Stage At LSU
We haven't seen much from Kesha in a few years besides her surprise performance at the Billboard Music Awards last year. But before she kicks off her "F--- The World" tour she partied with the Tigers at their annual free spring concert.
NOLA says Kesha explained her absence in the music sce…
10 Songs You Totally Forgot You Love [VIDEOS]
This morning, my little family was getting ready for the day as we always do. The kids were all dressed and eating breakfast, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, and Kaci was at her makeup station laying down some foundation.
All of a sudden, I hear a song in the distance that immediately caused…

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