Representatives for Taylor Swift have elected not to press charges against an alleged stalker who tried to break into the singer's Nashville home.

24-year-old Jacob Kulke was arrested earlier this month after he was spotted on Swift's property. (Swift was not at home at the time.)  

Attorney Sean McKinney told E! News that after a conversation with Swift's representatives, a mutual agreement was made not to pursue charges in the case against Kulke. Among the reasons: there were no "No Trespassing" signs on the property, and Kulke was under the impression that he had access to the grounds after guards allegedly gave him permission to enter.

According to Kulke's lawyer, Swift's camp "did not see him as a threat" and prosecutors saw the case as a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Kulke is due in court on Jan. 29 in his home state of Colorado for several probation violations including burglary.