Chris Brown's attempted image makeover may have hit the wall. Or, more specifically, the window.

 TMZ reports the comeback-aiming singer "exploded in rage" after an appearance on Tuesday's "Good Morning America," and ended up shattering a window in his fury.

The apparent reason for his so-called "violent outburst": He was asked about his 2009 assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Chris reportedly returned to his dressing room after his interview with Robin Roberts and proceeded to have a massive hissy fit. His yelling was loud enough and angry enough that the hair and makeup staff grew concerned and summoned security.

"That wasn't cool, man! That wasn't cool," Brown fumed, according to the New York Post, with a source adding, "He was ballistic. He was really mad. He was screaming and very upset."

Brown, says TMZ, was "out of control," and proceeded to smash a window in his dressing room, purportedly with a chair, sending glass fragments onto the busy street below.

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