It is so very sad about the loss of singer, Amy Winehouse. Seems like too many have gone before their time...and at such a young age. Which brought to my attention the magic number of the number 27. This whole time, I've been thinking about Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison... all these amazing artists that died before they had a chance to turn 30... that's when I realized this is a phenomenon. There are tons of very amazing musicians that have passed at the magic number of 27. Here's a few:

Robert Johnson- 8/16/38- Unknown (Blues singer)

Brian Jones- 7/3/69- Death by Misadventure- drowning (Guitarist for the Rolling Stones)

Jimi Hendrix- 9/18/70- Asphyxiation

Janis Joplin- 10/4/70- Overdose

Jim Morrison- 7/3/71- Supposed Heart Failure

Kurt Cobain- 4/5/94- Suicide

Amy Winehouse- 7/23/11- Unknown at this time


Interesting that 3 of these artists died in July, 2 of them on the exact same day, but different years. There's tons of others too. I actually got a lot of this info from Wikipedia's Club 27 article. You should check it out... kinda creepy.