They've announced the line up for Coachella and some people are ticked. They're saying they sold out. Me? I don't care. I love, love, love Kings of Leon and don't care if they're sharing a stage with Kanye West! Opps! They will be. Remember when Kanye first came out? He was like a breath of fresh air. I first started hearing about him from taste makers in 2004. You just knew he was going to be big. Too bad he's made himself a bit of a laughing stock at times. He truly is talented. So here's what you can expect if you make the road trip: Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, Kanye West, the Strokes, the Black Keys, Lauryn Hill, Duran Duran, Big Audio Dynamite (!), Erykah Badu, Brandon Flowers and more! Get the rest of the scoop here. I've included the bands I dig, but we might not see eye to eye;)